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Electric Motorcycles Vendors

Electric Motorcycles vendors

Electric Motorcycles Vendors

Electric motorcycles are powered by a battery rather than a gas engine. They emit no pollution and run quietly, with a little motor and belt noise.

Those benefits make these machines attractive to a wide range of consumers. Harley-Davidson showed that a traditional bike brand can go electric, but younger companies are also offering innovative designs and cutting-edge technology.

1. Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles has been making all-electric motorcycles since 2006. They were one of the pioneering companies that started this movement of electric two-wheelers and still continue to innovate and advance their bike lineup.

In 2022 Zero increased their battery life significantly across their entire lineup. They now have a street-focused DS, S, and FX series along with their flagship SR and DS/F off-road machines. Each model features a different powertrain that ranges between 82 and 169 miles.

The motor, called a Z-Force, is a radial flux inrunner brushless PMAC / IPM design that doesn’t need liquid or forced air cooling. It’s also very compact and produces 166ftlbs of torque.

The batteries are state of the art, using Farasis flat pouch cells and advanced battery management systems. All ZERO bikes are coded, so even if you lose your key it’s nearly impossible for anyone to access and start your motorcycle. Each bike has a small non-volatile chip that, when inserted and turned on, checks for the correct code and then starts the machine. The system also keeps track of how much energy each bike has used, so you can see your ride history on the dashboard.

2. Energica

Energica designs, manufactures and integrates electric motorcycles. The Modena-based company was founded in 2010 by CRP Group, an international company that deals with computer numerical control machining and additive manufacturing. The firm has a track-focused division that provides bikes for the MotoE World Cup and a streetfighter called the Eva Ribelle.

Both models feature high-performance motors and a range of ride modes that allow users to adjust the bike to suit their riding style or the conditions. The bike can also be connected to the Energica app for monitoring and more adjustability.

Energica has a reputation for producing some of the most powerful and longest-range electric motorcycles in the world. Its battery technology is not limited to two-wheelers either, as the firm has already developed a version that can power light electric aircraft. All Energica models can be charged at home using Level 2 plugs, at public charging stations or even via DC fast charging, sometimes called Level 3.

3. Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson may be best known for prompting a petrol-head culture and rumbling internal combustion engines that can be heard miles away, but they’re also looking to reverse their impact on the planet with the LiveWire model. This big-twin electric Electric Motorcycles vendors motorcycle combines familiar designs with a sustainable twist and can reach 146 miles on a charge.

While Zero has led the US market in terms of e-motos, other companies like Kollter, SONDORS, and Ryvid are starting to eat into Electric Sightseeing Car vendors their sales with more affordable commuter-level bikes. Moreover, the emergence of new start-ups is breathing fresh life into the industry and making EVs more accessible for everyone, not just those with disposable income to spend on top-of-the-line machines.

Harley-Davidson has also realized that they need to attract younger riders into their fold, and thus have taken a page from their own playbook with a licensed line of balance bikes. These nimble, battery-powered bikes can be used by children and adults alike, making them a fun way for people to get their feet wet in the world of motorcycling.

4. ChargePoint

Damon Motors is a California-based electric motorcycle company that offers sleek designs and impressive speeds to thrill-seekers. Their bikes also feature advanced technology to ensure safer and smarter rides for their riders.

The company’s EV charging station network is designed to make EV ownership more convenient for customers by providing a large network of public and private charging ports. The company also offers a suite of home and mobile apps that allow users to track their charging activities and schedule times when electricity is cheapest.

ChargePoint’s business model is to monetize its EV charging network through cloud service subscriptions. This strategy is not as risky as focusing on specific hardware or EV makers, because it allows ChargePoint to leverage the growing adoption of its charging stations.

Unlike some other EV charging networks, ChargePoint’s home chargers are installed on property owners’ homes or businesses. This way, the company can set its own rates and offer more flexible plans than other charging networks. In addition to this, ChargePoint’s network is integrated into most leading EV hardware makers’ apps and navigation systems.

5. ONEX Commercial

The best electric motorcycle companies create innovative designs, focusing on the needs of thrill-seekers, night riders and commuters. They help to promote the sustainability of the motorbike industry while delivering intuitive riding experience and impressive power.

With sleek designs, and high speed for bike lovers, these bikes are also equipped with smart features to ensure a safer ride. This has helped to make EVs more affordable and has contributed to the growth of the industry.

Some ONEX Commercial models have a top speed of 112mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 4.5 seconds. They are also fitted with a co-pilot system, which leverages predictive AI to assist the rider.

Founded in 2018, the company is a relatively new entrant to the industry. However, it has already managed to gain a lot of popularity for its state-of-the-art bikes. The company produces its own motors and batteries, but also works with partners such as Bosch and Panasonic. Its flagship model is the LS-218 which has a battery capacity of 20kW and a top speed of 150mph.