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CM Technology Co Ltd 5MP Security Camera Review

ahd 5mp camera

CM Technology Co Ltd 5MP Security Camera Review

5MP security cameras allow you to see more detail, including facial features, license plate numbers and other important details. High resolution also enables you to digitally zoom without losing quality like standard definition video does.

This indoor / outdoor AHD camera from Uniview is designed to work with existing coax systems and uses HD-TVI, AHD, and CVBS. It includes powerful infrared lighting, line crossing and missing object analytics and a built-in motorised lens that minimizes on-site callouts for installers.

High Resolution

The 5mp camera is one of the highest resolution cameras on the market today. With a higher resolution, you can get better image quality that will allow you to see more detail of the area you’re monitoring. The clearer image will also make it easier for you to identify faces and license plate numbers when reviewing footage.

Another benefit of a 5mp security camera is that you will have no blind spots around your area of coverage. With the higher resolution, you will be able to zoom in to any area of interest without losing image quality like you would with a lower resolution camera. This makes a 5mp surveillance camera perfect for areas of your property where you need to keep a watchful eye, like the back of a warehouse.

AHD, or Analog High Definition technology, is a new video surveillance solution that uses your existing coax cable infrastructure to deliver forensic-level images. Unlike HD-SDI, AHD supports standard analog CCTV equipment and works at the same max distance as traditional analog CCTV (approx 500 meters). AHD cameras are also compatible with CAT5 IP network cameras through video baluns.

Reolink’s newest 4MP and 5MP lipstick cameras are an upgrade from their popular 3MP models with clearer image quality at the same affordable price. These weatherproof outdoor 5mp bullet cameras feature a Cortex Dragonfire infrared LED with 3D digital noise reduction for sharp and crisp imagery. With a wide 3.6mm lens and Up the CoaxTM technology, you can easily control the onscreen display (OSD) of the camera through your web browser or Alibi CMS app.

No Blind Spots

With a wide angle of view, there are no blind spots in the field of view of this camera. You can clearly see everything in front of your camera and even the area around it, giving you a complete picture to ensure your property and people are safe and secure.

In addition, this camera offers true Day/Night operation thanks to a built-in Thermal Detect Technology for compatible DVRs and an auto solar wifi camera switch IR Cut Filter that can enhance the color during daylight or switch to B&W in darkness. It also supports both Onvif Profile S and G so you can connect your cameras to a wider variety of NVRs and devices.

This 5mp CCTV camera uses the HD-over-Coax technology that was previously used for analog security cameras, so it can be installed over existing coax cable with BNC video connectors just like analog CCTV cameras and works up to a max of 500ft. It can also be used with RG59 Siamese cable or BNC to HDMI converters for live viewing on a TV. Video baluns are available for installers who prefer to use CAT5 or CAT6 UTP cables.

Check out this demo video to see a sample image and footage captured by this camera in 4 megapixel mode when recording to a Viewtron surveillance DVR. The video shows the camera mounted on a wall in our warehouse and is recorded with IR night vision enabled. This is a great choice for small and medium businesses that need HD quality for clear identification of people, license plate numbers and more.

Low Light Capabilities

The higher the megapixels for the same size sensor the worse the low light capabilities of the camera. Having a large sensor means the camera has to open up for longer to expose more of the image to the light. This causes the camera to use more power and can produce a darkened or washed out image if the shutter speed is not set high enough.

To combat this issue many ahd 5mp cameras come with IR LEDs that emit invisible infrared light to illuminate the scene even when the shutter is closed. Using IR LEDs helps ahd 5mp camera to ensure the camera is still able to capture a quality night time image.

Some ahd 5mp cameras also feature back-illuminated pixel technology. This technology balances light across the image sensor ensuring that each pixel gets enough light to convert into a digital signal. This improves low light performance and reduces noise.

Most of the ahd 5mp cameras on this page are HD-over-Coax. This means the camera can be connected to a BNC video recorder via coaxial cable, similar to analog CCTV. They can be used with RG59 Siamese cables or other types of HD cabling. Video baluns can also be used to convert HD-over-Coax cameras to work on CAT5 cabling.

This outdoor ahd turret features Cortex Dragonfire infrared lighting for long distance night viewing and a rugged metal design that is great for commercial projects with dark decor. This model has a quick mount base system and front access adjustment ports that make it easy for contractors to mount and adjust. A mini-joystick is provided to easily control the on screen display (OSD).


The CM Technology Co Ltd 5mp camera is an excellent choice for surveillance systems that require HD quality for video evidence but may not need the more advanced features of IP cameras. This bullet-shaped camera is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and offers 80 feet IR illumination to protect your business after hours. The camera also provides HD-TVI/AHD/CVBS output for compatibility with other CCTV equipment and recorders.

This camera uses the AHD technology which transmits high-definition digital video over traditional analog coaxial cable up to 500 meters without loss of performance. Its advanced Y/C signal separation and simulation filtering technology deliver superior image resolution. It can also transmit audio and control signals over the same wire for complete system integration.

AHD technology was developed by Nextchip and has been adopted by many manufacturers worldwide. The technology enables the use of 720p or higher resolution cameras to be transmitted over traditional coaxial cables for distances up to 500 meters, resulting in better color reproduction and image clarity than previous analog CCTV technologies.

These cameras can easily be installed with traditional BNC video connectors and work with RG59 Siamese cable, making it easy for installers to upgrade existing analog surveillance systems to HD-quality. This enables you to save money on installation costs, while still providing the high definition you need for your security application.