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Syringe Filling Machine

Syringe Filling Machine

Syringe filling machine is an automated equipment for the pre-sterile syringe filling of liquid and powder products. Its features include operator safety, simple changeover, and flexible parameters to accommodate a variety of syringe sizes and product types.

The line automatically completes the processes of honeycomb tray unpacking, tearing film, conveying, filling, and plug feeding. The whole machinery is made of Stainless Steel elegantly matt finished.

High Accuracy

Syringes are filled and closed with a precise method to ensure sterility. The filling process is conducted in a gloveless robotic isolator, and the nested syringes are placed with extreme accuracy by a recipe-driven control system that enables a repeatable aseptic filling process. This reduces and often eliminates air bubbles in the syringe that can compromise sterility and stability of biologics. It also removes oxygen from the syringe that can affect oxygen-sensitive drugs.

A syringe filling machine typically has the ability to handle multiple formats of nested ready-to-use syringes and is designed to fit under a laminar flow hood for aseptic processing. The syringes are sterilized and then loaded onto the machine where they are filled with drug product. The syringes are then closed and sealed. The process is typically monitored and controlled with a computerized system that controls pressure and temperature to prevent contamination. The syringes are often labeled with the product name and other information to provide accurate and easy identification for healthcare professionals.

A syringe filling and stoppering machine can be used to manufacture various types of aseptic pre-filled syringes for medical applications, including vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. These machines can also be used to manufacture small molecule heparin, insulin and other pharmaceutical products. These syringe filling machines can be used for high-speed operations and are built with a flexible design that allows for quick size changeovers. They also have a robust, reliable design and meet all cGMP requirements.

Low Consumption

This machine is ideal for low-to medium speed automated processing of nested custom and ready-to-use vials, syringes and cartridges. It has vape cartridge filling machine for sale many features that are usually found in larger scale machines and is designed for R&D, process development, engineering runs, niche product manufacturing and cGMP clinical and small-batch commercial production.

This line is used for the aseptic pre-filling and sealing of disposable syringes in honeycomb trays in pharmaceutical plants. It is compact in design with a PLC based automatic control panel and complies as per cGMP-US FDA. The machine comprises a syringe tray loading station, tearing film, syringe transfer, vacuum evacuation and filling, syringe plug feeding, plugging and tray output stations.

The line is capable of producing 2ml, 5ml, and 10ml syringes. It is equipped with a high-speed injection pump for fast filling, and it also has an integrated camera system to monitor the process. It can automatically detect the presence of air bubbles, fill-level and cosmetic defects. It is also possible to change the syringe tip according to the size of the needle.

Plastics syringes offer several advantages over glass, including increased robustness against breakability and ergonomy, while delivering for most products an adequate stability performance level with regard to water permeability and extractables. However, it is important to ensure that the material is suitable cbd oil cartridge filler for the intended use of a drug. This includes ensuring that the material is autoclavable and has good properties for low temperatures, as well as a high-seal strength.

High Reliability

A syringe filling machine can be easily scaled up to larger production lines. The same processing methods, components and technologies that are used in the smaller groninger semi-automatic tabletop system can be transferred to a fully automated line. This is especially helpful when developing a new product. The valuable insights gained in the testing process can be quickly and effectively transferred to the larger production machinery without losing any of the benefits.

This high-speed syringe filling system features a piston mechanism that draws the plunger back, indicating when the desired volume has been filled. This eliminates the need for a metering device and allows for a flexible range of syringe sizes and products. The system also offers adjustable suck-back and a priming function that helps to remove air bubbles. It is easy to operate and maintain, allowing for quick changes between different syringe sizes and products.

Its syringe rod inserting and label application systems are integrated in one machine to provide a complete solution for glass and plastic Luer-Lock syringes and cartridges. This provides greater reliability and ensures a clean, sterile downstream handling. The systems are designed to be installed inside a laminar flow hood for aseptic production and operation, and its human-machine interface allows users to easily adjust fill volumes and program the machine.

This aseptic pre-filling and sealing syringe line is designed for pharmaceutical plants. It is fully automatic and has a high degree of automation, making it suitable for medium and large production quantities. The line can automatically perform the processes of honeycomb tray unpacking, tearing film, conveying, syringe filling, plug feeding, syringe output and trays outputting.

Low Maintenance

While many environments still require manual syringe filling – especially hospital pharmacies, compounding pharmacies and R&D labs that need daily syringe filling or high-precision work – a benchtop syringe filling machine can help alleviate the adverse issues associated with manual processes. From heightened risk of mistakes and contamination to high labor costs and repetitive motion injuries, automated syringe filling machines offer an efficient solution to these challenges.

Our compact syringe filling and closing systems can handle both bulk or nested syringes and other containers, including plastic and glass cartridges. With an option to add component presence inspection, particulate matter inspection and fill-level check, our syringe filling systems ensure optimal process hygiene and quality.

Our syringe filling and stoppering machines are compact in design, operate on PLC based control panel and comply with cGMP regulations. They’re also constructed of stainless steel 316L and medical silicon rubber to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety. This makes them ideal for use in pharmaceutical, biotech and veterinary industries where performance demands are high and space is limited. The system can be used with a wide range of SCF syringes from the major domestic and international manufacturers. It can also be equipped with a variety of auxiliary equipment, such as a vacuum pump or nitrogen flushing. This can significantly reduce the amount of time required to complete syringe filling, plugging and closing operations.