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Cartridge Filler Gun

Cartridge Filler Gun

Take the guesswork out of filling your cartridges with this semi automatic filler gun. This precision cartridge filling machine precisely dispenses oil into your 510 vape cartridge, disposable pen or syringe in 0.5ml increments. The heated barrel is adjustable from room temperature to 194f and comes with a practical luer lock tip.

Vape Cartridges

Cartridges are a discreet way to enjoy your favorite cannabis concentrate. They fit into a standard 510 battery, making them convenient for use on the go. They can be used with a wide variety of concentrates, from distillate to wax and live resin. Many of these cartridges are designed to hold a specific strain, and they are available in different flavors as well. Some even come with a mouthpiece built in for easier handling and a more comfortable experience.

Some cartridges are made from materials that can be easily refilled with oil. Others have a more proprietary design and are not refillable. Most cartridges are made of polycarbonate or plastic, and some have their coil built into the unit as well. Pods, on the other hand, are usually made of glass and appear similar to a USB flash drive. Pods tend to have more options in terms of design, and can be more customizable depending on the system you’re using them with.

A good quality cartridge will provide a smooth, flavorful vapor. Many of these cartridges are also manufactured without the addition of any artificial thinning agents. This can help reduce the chances of irritation and allergic reactions to certain chemicals. Some manufacturers even offer third-party lab reports on their products to ensure consumers have a transparent experience.


Using an oil cartridge filler machine makes it easy to produce a large quantity of high-quality oil cartridges for your vape pens. distillate cartridge filling gun This machine streamlines the process and increases your productivity while reducing the risk of errors. It is easy to operate and requires little maintenance. It can also save you time and money by eliminating the need to hand-fill each cart.

The semi-automatic filling machine with a handheld hose from Longwill Machinery provides the perfect balance between automation and user convenience. It can fill up to 5,000 cartridges per day, which is a significant increase in production capacity when compared to manual methods. This machine requires less space and has a lower initial investment cost than fully automated machines.

Enhanced Quality Control

The inclusion of a handheld hose allows operators to control the cartridge-filling process with precision. This ensures each cartridge is filled with the correct amount of CBD oil, minimizing waste and ensuring consistent quality standards. It also minimizes the risk of leaks and spills, which can waste a substantial amount of product.

Manually filling a single cartridge can take a considerable amount of time, especially when the cartridge is a higher viscosity concentrate. Additionally, the gun becomes hot during the filling process and can burn users if they are not careful. This is a big disadvantage of manual methods and can result in faulty fills, which can damage cartridges or cause them to malfunction.


Concentrates are a powerful way to consume cannabis and can provide the user with a potent and fast-acting experience. Concentrates are typically a result of cartridge fillers solvent-based extraction and can be made into a variety of forms such as shatter, wax, crumble, and BHO (butane hash oil).

When using concentrates it is important to remember that a little goes a long way when it comes to dosing. It is recommended to start low and go slow so that you can savor the strain-specific flavors and enjoy a more mellow experience.

Vape cartridges are an easy and convenient way to enjoy your favorite cannabis products. They are portable, discreet, and can be used anywhere without having to worry about smoke inhalation. Whether you’re on the go or at home, vaping with a concentrate cartridge will allow you to take your cannabis wherever you need it most.

When filling a cartridge, it’s important to use high-quality oil and warm it up if necessary to make it easier to work with. It is also essential to have a good quality syringe with a blunt tip needle. Once you have the syringe ready, remove the cartridge mouthpiece and insert the blunt-tip needle into the hole at the top of the cartridge. Then slowly and evenly press down on the plunger to fill the cartridge until it is 85% full.


The cartridge filler gun comes with a 14 gauge angled tip and can be adjusted to the desired cartridge volume in 0.5ml increments. It also has heated lines for ease of oil flow and quick refills. This is a great tool for production use and filling large volumes of cartridges at once. It has an advanced digital temperature control that can be set from room temperature to 190°F in 1.0°F increments. The controller and gun come with a five foot power and data cord for easy setup and use.