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5 MP HD Kamera For HD-Over-Coax Cable Surveillance Systems

5 mp ahd kamera

5 MP HD Kamera For HD-Over-Coax Cable Surveillance Systems

5 megapixel resolution provides more detail when you zoom-in on a video image. This is why we recommend using a 5mp camera when installing HD-over-Coax cable surveillance systems.

Rugged metal CCTV turret with 5MP AHD, TVI or 2MP CVI plus legacy analog output (OSD selectable). Installers can quickly mount and adjust the ahd cctv camera price camera with an installer’s cover that conceals the cable harness.

High Definition

5MP is a higher megapixel count than 1080P, which allows this camera to capture more intricate details and provide a better image quality. This is ideal for surveillance, where you want your video to be clear and sharp at all times.

The 5 MP ColorVu TurboHD Bullet and Turret cameras work over existing analog coaxial cables to deliver HD video and images, eliminating the need to rip out and replace cable infrastructure. This gives security professionals the ability to upgrade to HD without the cost and inconvenience of rewiring an entire system.

They also offer a range of imaging technologies, such as digital wide dynamic range (DWDR); digital noise reduction; auto white balance; and back light compensation, to enhance the 5 mp ahd kamera overall image quality of your footage.

IR Cut Filter

The human eye sees a limited spectrum of light. The image sensor on a color camera however, can see a much larger range. If IR is not cut out of the picture, it will show up as color distortion. IR Cut filter is a device that moves in front of the lens when it detects a certain amount of light. This prevents IR from disturbing the image sensor during the daytime. At night, a separate board with infrared LEDs turns on to illuminate the scene.

The OV5647 – 5.0 MP Raspberry Pi Compatible Camera Module with Motorized IR Cut Filter is a custom add-on for the Raspberry Pi system boards. The tiny board is connected to the BCM2835 processor on the Raspberry Pi via a high-speed CSI bus, which carries pixel data only. The camera is bundled with an M12 LS-1820 lens. Other lens mounts are available as an optional bundle.

The camera features the OmniVision OV5647 CMOS image sensor. It provides a 5.0 megapixel video resolution at 2592 x 1944. The OV5647 sensor supports advanced features such as digital wide dynamic range (DWDR); digital noise reduction (DNR); auto white balance; and auto backlight compensation. These features are especially important when monitoring long distances or transmitting video over coaxial cables. They help to provide sharp, clear images with true color even in low-light conditions.


For coax (BNC) projects, this 5MP dark gray outdoor CCTV turret from Cortex is designed for rugged weatherproof use. It features an impressive range of long-distance infrared illumination and an installer’s cover for quick and easy adjustment. The camera also includes a mini-joystick on the cable harness for adjusting on-screen display (OSD) menu and remote UTC controls.

With its quick mobile setup process, you can connect to your home or business in no time and receive notifications when motion is detected. This camera is IP66 rated for outdoor use and comes with built-in one-way audio to pick up voices around the area. It also uses POE technology to support simple plug and play installation. It is perfect for homes and small businesses. It can even record 4 times longer than H.264 with the same HDD, so you can save a lot of storage space!