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Why Choose a Cat5e Waterproof Connector?

cat5e waterproof connector

Why Choose a Cat5e Waterproof Connector?

In industrial settings, reliable connectivity is essential. Often equipment is exposed to harsh elements that can affect performance.

Waterproof connectors help prevent water ingress and maintain a steady connection. This guide will cover what to look for in a cat5e waterproof connector and how they can benefit your business.


If you’re going to be using ethernet cables that are exposed to the elements, you need to make sure you use waterproof connectors. Otherwise, water will easily follow the cable down and short out your equipment. This is especially true if the cables are going to be installed outdoors where they may get soaked in rain or other environmental factors.

The 742C from Platinum Tools is ideal for those installs where your Ethernet connections will be exposed to a variety of harsh environments. It features an IP67 rated design, which means it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without damaging the connector. The design is also resistant to corrosion, dust, and vibration.

It’s easy to assemble and has a durable plastic construction cat5e waterproof connector that will stand up to the elements. It’s also a great choice for those looking for a waterproof Ethernet connector that is UL listed and CE rated.

This waterproof CAT5e bulkhead coupler is designed for harsh industrial and outdoor environments. It’s compatible with CAT5e or higher Ethernet patch cords. It comes with a female case side panel mount pass-thru coupler and a angled RJ45 jack that’s perfect for tight spaces. Its circular threaded coupling mounts case side to connect with a CAT5e cable side connector, and its gasket seals provide IP67-rated protection against water and dust.

Water Resistance

The waterproof cat5e connector is able to resist moisture and dust, making it a great option for harsh environments. It also offers excellent EMI shielding, which prevents external interference and keeps data communications consistent. This can minimize rooftop service time and increase operator profitability. It is also easy to install and requires no soldering. It also features a quick disconnect feature, which allows for rapid replacement of rooftop equipment. This can reduce downtime and customer frustration, allowing you to maximize network uptime.

This weatherproof coupler has RJ45 female ports on both ends and is ideal for connecting two unbooted Category 6 shielded cables together. It is used in harsh industrial or outdoor environments where a waterproof connection is needed. It protects your outdoor network cabling from moisture, dirt and insects for uninterrupted, quality connections.

This waterproof coupler is made of tough silicone rubber and nylon plastic, which makes it durable and easy to assemble. It also has a silicon grommet on each end that provides extra protection against the elements. You can use a rubber mastic tape (available at most hardware stores) to further enhance the durability of this coupler for applications in harsh environments. It is channel rated, which means it won’t fail a field certification test when used with a permanent link.

Dust Resistant

The IP68 rating for these connectors means they’re dust-resistant, too. That’s good news, since the waterproof bulkhead connectors kind of dust you get in an outdoor network can really make a mess. There’s a lot of fine debris that can get into an Ethernet cable, so the fact that these waterproof connectors help keep it all out is a big plus.

Like the Iwillink model we looked at earlier, this waterproof rj45 coupler has a segmented construction, with a central Ethernet adapter and a pair of extended cylindrical collars on each end. The collars and the end caps are all sealed by little gaskets, so they’ll create a tight seal around your cable. The housing is black plastic, and you can get it in either a two-pack or a five-pack for larger installations.

L-com’s waterproof rj45 coupler has an IP68 rating, meaning it will stay sealed against water and dust for up to 60 minutes in 1.5 meters of water. It can also mate with standard jacks, which is nice because it eliminates the need to buy specialized cables that are IP rated on one end and standard on the other. The tethered dust cap on each end allows you to cap off the ends if they’re not in use for extra protection against water and dust.

Easy to Assemble

Our connector housings are quick and easy to assemble. No installation tools are required and a small installation guide is shipped along with each kit.

Simply insert bare network cable through the end cap, grommet, and barrel in this order, strip and dress wires as per electrical codes, and then crimp RJ45 plug onto the inserted network cable. Once completed a simple screw on the end cap closes the enclosure to keep out water, dust, and other contaminants. This allows the same connectivity CAT 5e is known for in harsh industrial and outdoor environments. The included grommet provides enough sealing for most applications, but for more demanding installations additional sealant may be needed. This is especially true for corrosive environments. Suitable weather sealing tape or liquid electrical tape can be used to supplement the included grommet.