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Vacuum Emulsifier and Its Main Components

Vacuum Emulsifier and Its Main Components

Vacuum emulsifier is an equipment that mixes, homogenizes and disperses the materials in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Its main components include water pot, oil pot, emulsifying pot and vacuum system.

It is used to mix products like creams, lotions, ointments, preparations and product suspensions. It is also used in pharmaceutical industries to process ointments, oral syrups, latex, and emulsions.

It is a high-shear emulsifier

High-shear emulsifiers are used to create emulsions and disperse particles. They can also be used to break open cells, which is important in the biotechnology industry. This function is useful in allowing scientists to extract intracellular material and analyze it. In addition, high shear homogenizers can be used for protein purification.

This equipment is suitable for producing solutions, gels or suspensions of solid-liquid and liquid-liquid materials in pharmaceuticals (syrups, ointments), cosmetics, chemicals, food, textiles, polymers, resins and many other industries. It uses a combination of mechanical force and vacuum to create an intense shear environment, which is effective in reducing particle size and creating uniform mixtures.

The heart of a high shear emulsifier is the rotor/stator workhead, which is designed to produce shear forces at very high speeds. The product is forced through the narrow gap between the rotor and stator, where it is subjected to intense mechanical forces that break down and disperse the particles into smaller droplets. This process can be repeated several times to achieve the desired results.

High shear emulsifiers are also suitable for producing fine chemicals such as plastic resins, adhesives and printing inks. They can be operated in a variety of environments and are easy to use and clean. However, they are not suitable for heat-dependent samples, such as lysols and foams, because they generate excessive heat.

It is a homogenizer

A homogenizer is a machine that mixes, disperses and homogenizes immiscible liquids to create a uniform mixture. It uses a high-speed rotor to break the liquids into microscopic particles, creating a smooth and Vacuum emulsifier even emulsion. It also removes air from the mix to prevent bubble formation during the process. This type of machine is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food industries on a large or small scale.

The emulsifying mixer has several advantages over other types of homogenizers. For one, it reduces the amount of raw materials needed for production. This is because the scraper agitator doesn’t leave any sticky material around the emulsifying pot, and it helps to eliminate dead corners. It also makes the emulsions much more stable, which saves money in the long run.

To use a vacuum emulsifying mixer, first heat the water and oil pots separately. Once they are heated, add the ingredients Automation equipment supplier and close the valves. After the process has reached a required protocol, remove the lid and stir the emulsion.

A vacuum emulsifying mixer is a great tool for the manufacture of ointments and creams. It’s made with advanced technology and can be customized to meet your needs. It is designed to be easy to use and clean and includes a lifting system, vacuum system, electric control system and operation platform.

It is a mixing machine

A vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is used in manufacturing creams and ointments. It has a unique feature that allows it to mix two different liquids that are incompatible, such as oil and water. Its high shearing homogenization process results in a smooth mixture with low viscosity and texture.

The emulsifier’s working parts are made from stainless steel and are subject to rigorous product certification and quality assurance requirements. They include the main frame, a water tank, an oil tank, and an emulsify pot. The machine also includes a scraper, vacuum pump, agitator, and heating system. It is a very useful tool for manufacturers who want to boost their production.

This type of mixing equipment is mainly used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries to mix immiscible substances. It is widely used in the production of hair gel, ponds, lipsticks, shaving cream, sunscreen, and lip glows. It can also be used in the manufacture of ointments, oral syrups, latex, and injections. It is important to regularly check the vacuum valves and pressure gauges of the emulsifier to ensure proper operation. It is also advisable to clean the emulsified tank before and after usage. This will prevent the occurrence of bacteria in the product. It is a good idea to keep a maintenance log to help you troubleshoot problems. Lastly, it is essential to use the machine in a safe location.

It is a dispersing machine

A dispersing machine is used to mix ingredients that are not or hardly soluble in each other. It also helps make emulsions from solids that are suspended in liquids. In addition, it can also perform two-phase emulsification. Dispersing machines are an essential part of every coating color kitchen and must be designed to ensure that the mixtures produced meet quality criteria. This can be achieved by ensuring that the mixing and agitating processes are energy efficient, consistent and reproducible.

The dispersing machine is composed of an emulsifying boiler (fluctuating cover, overturn kettle form or outside circle pot), water tank and oil tank. The emulsifying tank is connected to the water and oil tanks via metallic valves. A vacuum pump system is attached to the emulsifying boiler and the middle stirrer and Teflon scrapers can remove residues from the wall of the emulsifying pot.

A lifting dispersing machine is a highly effective equipment for mixing, dispersing and crushing of various viscosity slurry of liquid raw materials. It can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic lifting models, and its speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. Its compact and reasonable structure makes it widely used in coating, pigments, paint, ink, dyestuff, food and other chemical products. It can also be equipped with an ozone sterilization system. Moreover, it can be equipped with an aeration system to reduce bottom sediments and prevent flock deposits from forming in the container.