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What Is a Vacuum Emulsifier?

What Is a Vacuum Emulsifier?

Vacuum emulsifier is a type of mixer that is used for mixing, dispersing, homogenizing and emulsifying. It is also used for the production of foundation, ointment and toothpaste. It works by heating and continuous stirring. Its main emulsifying pot and homogenizer are made from 316 L stainless steel.

It is a great machine for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fine chemical industries. It can also be used for emulsifying products with high matrix viscosity and solid content. This can include cream, ointment, detergent, salad, sauce, lotion, shampoo, and toothpaste.

It is a high-speed mixer

A vacuum emulsifier is a high-speed mixer that can be used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and other industrial applications. It can process ointments, oral syrups, latex and emulsions. It is also a useful tool for mixing thick fluids like creams and shampoos. It can help achieve a uniform consistency and improve the efficiency of the production process.

The vacuum emulsifier is a machine that uses the principle of cavitation to create high-shear Vacuum emulsifier shear in one or multiple phases. The high-speed shear breaks, mixes and disperses the materials inside the homogenizing head. The shear is generated by the high rotation of the rotor and stator. This shear can happen in a single or multiple phases and has several advantages over other mixing methods.

Using a vacuum emulsifier to mix ingredients is easy and fast. The equipment is designed to work with a variety of different materials, and it can handle a wide range of temperatures. The vacuum emulsifier is also equipped with a safety valve, which works to prevent the opening of the pot lid when a vacuum is present. This feature is helpful in preventing the loss of valuable products.

The machine can be operated by a single person and is safe to use. It has a control panel with a colored screen that displays all of the machine’s operational functions. This makes it easy to operate and log data for future reference. It is a good option for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

It is a closed system

A vacuum emulsifier is a closed system that can homogenize, disperse and heat materials. It is designed with a control panel, scraping agitator, vacuum pump and heating and cooling systems. It is also equipped with a hydraulic lift for the pot cover. This type of mixer has a special structure that avoids dead corners, making it easy to clean and maintain. It can be used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The vacuum function of the emulsifying mixer is a vital part of its operation. It helps to prevent aeration, which can cause mixing blade degradation. The vacuum state also prevents the formation of air bubbles in the mixture. This allows for a smooth and even consistency in the finished product.

A good quality emulsifying mixer should be constructed in accordance with GMP standards. It should be equipped with a temperature sensor and a heating system connected to the emulsifying pot. It should also have a negative pressure meter to ensure that the product is not being contaminated by air bubbles.

The vacuum sucks the material from the oil and water pot into an emulsifying pot, where the ingredients are mixed under a strong tumbling effect between a rotor area and a stator. This creates a strong net effect of centrifugation, dispersing and tearing, and produces a high-quality emulsion without air bubbles.

It is a vacuum system

Vacuum emulsifier is a machine used in production of semi solid viscous products like creams, gels and ointments. It aids in perfect emulsification of ingredients leading to fine and smooth end products. It has a vacuum system that ensures that the product does not contain air bubbles. It has a number of different features such as pre-treating boiler, vacuum pump, vacuum emulsifying and blending tank, hearting system, oil hydraulic lifting system and operation control cabinet.

A vacuum emulsifier consists of water and oil tanks with a metal valve that sucks materials into an emulsifying pot. The emulsifying pot blends the materials and narrows down their size using strong kinetic energy in a rotor and stator. This net effect of centrifugation, dispersion and impact tearing creates a fine and uniform emulsion that is free from air bubbles.

The vacuum emulsifier is a critical piece of equipment that can be used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries to make creams and ointments. It can also be used in the manufacture of liquid medicines such as cough syrups and oral syrups. The equipment is a highly efficient machine that produces results similar to those of manual mixing. Its main benefits include improved yields and faster processing times. It also reduces wastage that can occur during manual mixing. The machine also uses less energy, which is more environmentally friendly.

It is a cavitation system

The vacuum emulsifying mixer is a cavitation system that combines high-speed rotor and stator to produce hydraulic shear. This shear causes the materials to spread into one or several continuous phases rapidly and evenly. The shear forces the heavy materials into the narrow space between the rotor and stator, causing them to be subjected to a large number of shears. This produces fine, bubble-free, and stable products of high quality.

The mixer can be used for Automation equipment supplier suppository preparation and a wide variety of pharmaceutical applications. Its high-quality parts make it easy to operate and maintain. It meets CGMP standards and is safe for the production of medical products. It can also be used to make cream, lotions, ointments, and suppositories.

This machine consists of a stainless steel work frame, water tank and oil tank. The water tank is connected to the emulsifying pot by a vacuum pump. A middle stirrer and Teflon scrapers are used to sweep the residues on the pot walls. The system also has a heating system and a control panel.

The mixer is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Its control panel is equipped with a touch screen that allows users to adjust the mixing speed and set the temperature of each jar. It also includes a negative pressure meter and a temperature sensor. This ensures that the product stays safe during the mixing process.