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What Is a Vacuum Emulsifier?

Vacuum emulsifier

What Is a Vacuum Emulsifier?

Vacuum emulsifier is a multifunction machine that is suitable for emulsifying high viscous materials in cosmetic, pharmacy, food and chemicals industries. Its blade mixer and homogenizer are designed to prevent dead corners. It also has scrapers that help in removing the materials stuck on the inner surface of the machine.

It is suitable for emulsifying high viscosity materials

Vacuum emulsifiers are suitable for cream, ointment, and emulsion products with high viscosity. They can help you achieve delicate and smooth final products. This type of machine is also timesaving and cost-effective. Vacuum emulsifiers also reduce the amount of air bubbles in your final products. This makes the products easier to use and clean.

A vacuum emulsifying mixer is made of stainless steel and uses a water ring vacuum pump to remove the excess air bubbles. It also has a valve and a pressure gauge that ensures a clean and sealed pumping process. It can be used to produce a wide variety of products, including liquid and solid detergents, cosmetic creams, and pharmaceuticals.

This machine works by sucking ingredients through a water and oil pot. The mainframe includes an emulsifying pot, a discharger, a vacuum system, and electric control systems. It is important to choose the correct model for your application. It should be compatible with the material viscosity, density, and specific operation condition.

The rotor of the vacuum emulsifier is powered by hydraulic shear and centrifugal force, which cause materials to be dispersed and emulsified instantly and evenly. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical care, paint and ink, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, plastic and rubber, petrochemicals, and nanometer materials.

It is easy to operate

Vacuum emulsifiers are easy to operate and maintain. They have several features that make them more efficient than traditional mixing machines. They are ideal for a variety of applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. They also provide a cost-effective alternative to other types of mixers. The machine’s low operating costs and maintenance requirements help you save time and money, which leads to increased production capacity.

The machine consists of a work frame, water tank and oil tank, emulsifying pot, agitator, vacuum pump, scrapper, heating system, and Vacuum emulsifier hopper. The emulsifying pot is a large vessel that holds the raw materials during the mixing process. The agitator blows the material for deforming, while the scrapper removes the stickiness of the mixture on the pot walls. This helps to produce the best quality of emulsion.

Once the mixing process is complete, the emulsified products are discharged from the work head through a content discharge vessel. The agitator and homogenizer ensure that the liquid mixtures are well-mixed without any lumps.

Unlike other mixers, vacuum emulsifiers do not have metal-to-metal contact and require less downtime for cleaning. This reduces the risk of contamination and downtime, which increases production efficiency. Additionally, they do not have expensive knives to replace, which significantly cuts down on maintenance costs. This feature significantly reduces downtime and labor costs, which directly translates to higher profit margins for the company.

It is durable

Vacuum emulsifiers are durable, easy to clean, and safe. They can be used for a variety of applications, including food and cosmetics. They are also a good choice for processing oily products, such as oils with a high solid content. The vacuum environment eliminates air bubbles and minimizes oxidation, which can be harmful to the product. It also helps maintain the quality of the finished product.

The TFZRJ 5-20L vacuum emulsifying mixer is designed by introducing foreign updated technology and on the basis of ointment-making technics for cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories. Its main mixing vessel is Automation equipment supplier equipped with a high-speed homogenizer and a slow-speed scraper agitator. The high-speed homogenizer mixes the materials rapidly and evenly, while the slow-speed agitator helps to prevent product adherence. It also has a built-in vacuum system for removing air bubbles from the mixture.

The suppository vacuum emulsifying mixer is a powerful and aseptic machine that meets GMP requirements. It has a double mixer and an aseptic sealing line, which makes it ideal for producing suppository medicines. It can also help make ointments with a high solid content. It is easy to operate and has a high-speed homogenizer and shearing power. It can also be used to process a variety of chemicals and has several safety devices, such as vacuum, hydraulic pumps, and operators.

It is easy to clean

Vacuum emulsifier is a kind of mechanical equipment that can be used in many kinds of industry. It mainly homogenizes, emulsifies and stirs cream materials in a vacuum state to obtain high-quality products. It is widely used in cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is a high-quality equipment that can produce many products such as toothpaste that we use daily, wash hair lotion, and high-grade lotion essence.

It also has a special feature that prevents the product from separating after it is mixed. Its high shear mixer and rotor can achieve up to 100 thousand times of turbulence per minute, which allows it to mix the materials quickly and effectively. Its pump system creates a negative pressure in the mixing chamber, forcing the ingredients into each other to form a stable emulsion.

This mixer is also easy to clean and maintain, which makes it a great choice for businesses that require an efficient mixing solution. It can be easily cleaned by washing it with water and a mild detergent after each use. The equipment also comes with a stainless-steel filter that helps to keep the emulsifying pot clean.

Another benefit of using a vacuum emulsifier is that it can help save money on expensive ingredients. By using a vacuum emulsifier, you can make your own lotion recipe with common household ingredients instead of buying expensive oils and beeswax. In addition, you can use the emulsifier to prepare pre-spray solutions for heavily soiled carpets before they are cleaned.