N95 Standard Automatic Folding Mask Making Machine

This machine uses ultrasounic to produce finished folding masks automatically. Including special optional function (Antifog film welding and sponge nose wire welding, pringting) nose wire feeding, earloop welding, folding, forming and cutting, waste collected, the mask produce can be finished just in one machine. It only requires one worker to operate.



1) Production of flat masks, flexible docking of various mask body forming lines (folding masks require appropriate adjustment of equipment);
2) Packaging unmanned system, suitable for medical and labor supplies like medical appliances, facial masks, tissues, etc .;

Line efficiency:

1) The forming line of the mask body is between 80 ~ 120pcs / min, and the back end depends on the front beat.
2) The mask body is pressed in two parts, greatly improving production efficiency

Machine parameters:

Overall size6500mm L x 3500mm W x 1950mm H
Exterior colorInternational standard white + gray, no special requirements, according to this standard
PP non-woven fabric sizew 260mm * 40g; reel length 600mm
Filter sizew 260mm * 30g; reel length 600mm
Meltblown cloth sizew 260mm * 30g; reel length 600mm
Ear line size3-5mm width
Bridge of noseDouble core metal strip 5mm
equipment weight< 5000KG Ground bearing < 500KG / m²
Working powerEquipment 220VAC ± 5% Special requirements according to customer requirements
Compressed air0.6 ~ 0.8 MPa, using flow rate about 300L / min
Productivity30 ~ 50 pcs / min
Application environmentTemperature 10 ~ 35 ℃, humidity 5 ~ 35%
No flammability, corrosive gas, no dust (cleanness not less than 10W level)
production methods1 roll material synthesis equipment, 2 mask finished product synthesis equipment
rated power8.5 KW
control methodPLC + touch screen
Pass rate96% (unsatisfactory raw materials, except for improper operation of employees)

N95 Standard Automatic Folding Mask Making Machine

N95 Standard Automatic Folding Mask Making Machine2

N95 Standard Automatic Folding Mask Making Machine working flow

N95 product

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