Don’t relax, wear a mask!


Recently, mutated strains of the new coronavirus have been discovered in many countries. Why is the new coronavirus easy to mutate? What are the effects of mutation on virus transmission and vaccine development? With the emergence of the above news, the people’s confusion also arises.
The study pointed out that the 614th amino acid aspartic acid (D) in the spike protein of the new coronavirus has been changed to glycine (G). This amino acid change is critical to the infectiousness of the pathogen. Researchers tested the amount of virus in patients with new coronary pneumonia. The results showed that the G strain produced more viruses in the human body than the D strain. The G strain did not bring about a higher hospitalization rate, indicating that it did not cause more serious diseases. But viruses that carry G amino acids are more contagious.

maskThe epidemic is still in a tense period. Everyone must be careful, clean and hygienic, wear masks, and minimize going out.

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