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What Is a Vacuum Emulsifier?

What Is a Vacuum Emulsifier?

Vacuum Emulsifier is a machine that makes it simple to mix different sorts of chemical products. It’s utilized in the cosmetic industry to make mic body lotions, creams, detergents, face wash, and nutritional honey. Pharmaceutical industries additionally utilize this equipment to process ointments, oral syrups, and latex.

The effectiveness of emulsifying machines depends on several factors. Rough products tend to clog pores and result in excellent emulsification. The shape of ingredient particles is also important. Spherical particles blend well, while irregular ones don’t.


A vacuum homogenizer mixer is a device that is used to create ointments, lotions, creams, and similar products. It is also used to make mayonnaise and other emulsion-based recipes. This type of equipment is ideal for making large batches of emulsions because it has a high working capacity. It can mix a variety of materials, including powders and solids. It can also mix liquids with different viscosities. It has double jackets for heating and cooling, and it can be used for a number of applications in a variety of industries.

The homogenizer mixer creates a vacuum state in the emulsifying pot, which eliminates air bubbles from the product. This can help ensure that the finished product has a good consistency. It can also increase the efficiency of the mixing process. The machine has an automatic lifting pot cover and a heat-conducting tube in the pot interlayer. This makes the homogenization process quick and easy.

The heart of a homogenizer is a rotor that rotates at a high speed. This causes strong tumbling turbulence and generates a high shear force. The rotor is connected to a stator, which has holes in it. This allows the mixture to be circulated inside the homogenizer, and the ingredients are cut, sheared, dispersed, and emulsified evenly. A Teflon scraper cleans the mixing pot walls, and it is designed to fit the shape of the rotor.


The vacuum emulsifier is used to disperse materials in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. It works by using a powerful motor to create a vacuum between the rotor and stator. The materials are then subjected to shearing, fracturing and impacting forces, which breaks them down into smaller particles. This is the best way to get a smooth, uniform product. This machine is easy to use and can be operated from a control panel. It is also safe to use as it can reach high temperatures without burning the material.

The suppository vacuum emulsifying mixer is perfect for making suppository medicine and helps make oils with a high amount of solid content into emulsions. The machine can mix a variety of chemicals, natural Vacuum emulsifier ingredients, and raw material to produce pure solutions. This is a great option for small and medium scale industries, such as laboratories, cosmetic, and food manufacturing plants.

One of the main advantages of using this machine is that it saves time and money. It eliminates the need to waste material during production, which allows you to increase your profit margin. In addition, it is easier to use than a manual vacuum emulsifier and offers greater efficiency than a conventional one. This is especially true when mixing fatty acids and water. This mixer can handle high shear under a vacuum condition and has a scraper agitator that ensures the complete dispersion of material.


The vacuum created during mixing causes the emulsion materials to settle in the emulsion pot. As a result, the emulsion will have a smooth texture. This will help reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and easy oxidation. The agitator blades of a vacuum Automation equipment supplier emulsifier will also be less likely to stick to the emulsion tank walls and burn.

A vacuum emulsifier can be used to make a variety of products, such as pharmaceutical creams, skin care, hair dye cream, and cosmetic ointments. It can also be used to prepare suppositories, pectic substances, and other oily formulations. It is a high-tech machine that is made to meet the highest possible standards. Its main parts are composed of a dissolving boiler, an emulsifying mixer, and a heat preservation tank.

The main pot of a vacuum emulsifier is equipped with a material inlet, vacuum gauge, vacuum valve, view mirror, air filter, and perfume hopper. It is hygienically designed and made with high-quality materials, so it is suitable for use in a food or pharmaceutical factory. It is also very easy to clean, and its performance is highly reliable. The equipment is able to be used with both steam and electric heating. This makes it an excellent choice for manufacturers that are looking to produce a large quantity of products. It also has a convenient metering system, so you can easily control the mixing process.


Vacuum emulsifying mixer helps in mixing liquid materials that have high base viscosity and high solid content. This makes it easy to prepare creams and other fluid products for consumption. The machine is also beneficial in terms of time savings and reduced wastage. It also ensures that the final product has good quality and uniformity. This leads to a greater production capacity for the processing industry.

The heart of the vacuum emulsifier is the batch mixer or homogenizer which has a high-speed rotor and a holed stator. The material is sucked into the gap between the rotor and the stator where it is cut, sheared, emulsified, and homogenized evenly. The resulting mixture is then jetted out of the holes in the stator. The high speed and shear force generated by the rotor produces strong suction power, which is then distributed evenly throughout the material.

Cosmetic industries use this equipment to mix body creams, lipsticks, face powders, soaps, and shaving gel. The chemical industry finds it useful for emulsifying polyesters, synthetic fibers, and latex. In addition, this equipment is useful in the paint, paper, petrochemical, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, pesticides and fertilizers, and plastic and rubber industries.