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Advantages of Using a Vacuum Emulsifier

Vacuum emulsifier

Advantages of Using a Vacuum Emulsifier

Vacuum emulsifier is a special type of industrial mixer that works under a vacuum condition to create high-quality ointments and creams. It has multiple advantages over traditional agitators. This includes reduced air penetration, which prevents your product from being polluted with bubble, oxidized or degraded.

Its features include water and oil pots, a pump, a vacuum system, a hydraulic lifting system, and a manual control panel. The machine also conforms to CGMP and SIP requirements.

High shear

The high shear of a vacuum emulsifier can be used to mix ingredients that are difficult to blend with other methods. The shear creates a deep vortex where particles are broken apart and reduced in size. This allows the mixture to be evenly dispersed and agglomerate free. This method can also be used to dissolve soluble solids and improve the shelf life of foods.

A high shear mixer can be used for a variety of applications, including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and chemical industries. The high shear of the mixer is achieved through a rotor stator assembly that moves at extremely high speeds, creating a vortex in the mixture. Vacuum emulsifier The shear created by this process can be adjusted to match the desired mixing requirements.

There are four different types of high shear mixers: batch, inline, powder injection, and granulators. Batch high shear mixers are usually larger and can process more volume in a shorter period of time than their in-line counterparts. They are also less prone to contamination and can be controlled more effectively.

In-line high shear mixers are designed with an inlet and outlet. They are generally more efficient than the batch type, and are less prone to contamination because the chamber is closed. They are also more regulated than the batch type, because they form part of the product stream.

Low shear

Vacuum emulsifying mixers are an essential part of the manufacturing process of products with varying viscosities in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. They combine multiple mixing methods to make a uniform mixture of materials in a short time. This equipment is used to create ointments, preparations, product suspensions, and more. These machines are also useful for processing delicate and heat-sensitive products.

The mixing system of the vacuum emulsifier homogenizer is powered by powerful suction created during high shear rotation. It is used to suck materials from the water and oil pots and into the shear head. This process prevents aeration and enables rapid dispersion and two-phase emulsification. It also reduces bottom sediments by reducing droplet sizes.

It is important to know the shear of the emulsifier you choose before using it. Depending on the type of product you are making, high shear can damage the ingredients and cause shear erosion. Low shear, on the other hand, is ideal for fragile and heat sensitive products.

A vacuum emulsifier machine consists of a mainframe, emulsifying pot device, dumping mechanism, cooling circulation, and a lifting mechanism. The dumping and cooling mechanisms are connected to the emulsifying pot through the vacuum institutions. The emulsifying pot can be heated by connecting it to a steaming generator. This makes the machine efficient for high-quality products in a shorter time.

High temperature

Unlike manual mixing methods, vacuum emulsifiers work well at high temperatures. This means you can mix thicker materials like oils and creams without sacrificing quality. Additionally, it saves time and reduces the need for manual handling of ingredients. It also produces consistent results, ensuring that your product meets the desired quality standards.

The vacuum emulsifier’s design makes it safe and reliable for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and chemical industries. It has a cooling system that keeps the operating temperature within the recommended range. It is also made of sanitary stainless steel, making it easy to clean and sterilize.

It has a piping system that sucks oil and water pots into the emulsifying pot, which can be heated or cooled. This allows you to do everything from heating-melting-emulsifying to air bubble reduction (by vacuum)-cooling within the same equipment, reducing labor and saving time.

Vacuum emulsifying mixers use a high-speed rotor with powerful motor to produce strong shear forces. These force the material into a narrow gap between the rotor and stator. This creates a net effect of centrifugation, dispersion, and shearing, which produces a uniform emulsion. The vacuum system prevents the material from absorbing air bubbles, which ensures that the resulting product is sanitary and high-quality.

Low temperature

Vacuum emulsifying mixers use low temperatures, which means they are less likely to damage delicate ingredients. They also have safety features that protect the operator from dangerous fumes. Moreover, they are efficient and cost-effective. They are a great choice for manufacturing products like creams and ointments, which need to be mixed thoroughly.

The emulsifying process of the vacuum emulsifier is very effective for Automation equipment supplier mixing high-viscosity ingredients. In this way, you can achieve a more even and stable mixture. However, it is important to consider the factors that may cause the emulsification process to fail. Incorrect temperature and mixing speed, for instance, can lead to sedimentation.

Another factor that can affect the emulsification process is the size of the particles in the ingredients. The ideal particle size is spherical. Irregularly shaped materials don’t emulsify well. In addition, the ingredients should be free of electrostatic charges, which can interfere with the emulsification process.

Applepack process equipment offers a variety of types of Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer & Homogenizers to suit our clients’ needs. These machines are complete systems for making viscous emulsion, dispersion and suspension in various industries on small or large scale. Moreover, they have double jackets for heating and cooling functions. This allows the machine to operate smoothly and comply with GMP hygiene standards.