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Shade Your Pergola With an Outdoor Roller Pergola

Shade Your Pergola With an Outdoor Roller Pergola

Outdoor living spaces like pergolas, patios and decks are popular and in-demand amenities that increase home values. They keep family and guests cool, comfortable and visually appealing.

Pergolas are freestanding permanent structures with a roofing grid of beams and rafters. They are often entwined with vines and offer a romantic and Mediterranean feel to the space.


Many outdoor living spaces, such as patios, pergolas, porches and decks, are susceptible to solar heat gain, glare and harmful UV rays. Oasis (r) patio shades help to keep these areas cool and visually comfortable by blocking direct sunlight. A variety of fabrics and hardware options are available to customize a solution that works for your space.

Motorized pergola shade screens are a popular option to protect against sun and insects. Screens can be positioned to cover an entire area or part of a patio, and are often incorporated into the structure to match the existing Trex decking aesthetics or paver patio looks of the home.

There are a wide range of screening fabric options, including solar screens that limit sun penetration but still allow for natural light and air flow. Other fabric options include a specialized insect screen that is effective at stopping mosquitos, flies and other bothersome bugs.

For the ultimate in bioclimatic control, the Pergola SO! offers a streamlined design and intelligent regulation of the roof louvres based on the position of the sun. The louvres can also be tilted to adjust the amount of shade you have on your patio.

Climbing plants

Climbing plants can really enhance the appearance of a pergola and create a natural feel to your outdoor space. They can also provide a nice source of shade for the structure, which is especially important if you are using it as an outdoor kitchen. However, they require careful selection to ensure that the plants are resistant to the weather conditions in your area.

Plants that work well with pergolas include honeysuckle, clematis and roses. These are relatively easy to grow and suit sheltered positions. They can be trained to climb over a pergola, although they may require some pruning and training each Outdoor Roller Pergola season. They also come in many different colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your space.

Other popular climbing plants for pergolas are ivy, wisteria and star jasmine. These plants have bushy foliage that is suitable for a variety of climates, and they also produce pretty flowers. Ivy is particularly versatile and easy to manage, but it can become invasive if not pruned regularly. The wisteria is another beautiful option that can transform your backyard into a fairytale forest with its purple hues and gnarled vines. However, this plant is toxic to dogs and must be pruned frequently.

Kiwi vines are another great choice for a pergola, as they can grow quickly and offer a lush green cover. They can also add some color to your backyard and produce tasty fruit in the fall.

Green roof or wall

Using greenery to shade your pergola is one of the best options, as it creates an inviting atmosphere and provides privacy. However, you will need to keep it healthy and growing by pruning and watering it. Climbing plants such as ivy or Virginia creeper are the most popular choice. They are also a good solution for shading your terraces in winter.

Another option is to install external textile screens that provide shade and privacy. They can be made from a variety of materials including eco-friendly fibres such as bamboo and reed. Outdoor Roller Pergola Supplier They are easy to maintain and offer a wide range of colour and texture choices. They are also ideal for insulating the area and creating a comfortable climate.

An alternative to this is the use of an awning or sunbreaker. These are the simplest forms of shading and they can be easily installed on a pergola either during construction or afterwards. They are available in a wide range of colours and can be combined with lighting.

For a more sophisticated look you can choose aluminium louvres. These can be adjusted to the desired position in order to achieve the best shading effect and to match the design of your garden. They are available in different RAL colours and can be combined with lighting. They offer excellent insulation, protection against the wind and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Roller shutters

If you want to transform your pergola into a real sunshade, you can choose from a wide range of exterior roller blinds that are available with or without a roof. They offer a wide range of options for shade, privacy and darkening, as well as protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays (they are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation). They also help to lower energy costs, protect furniture and hardwood flooring from the effects of fading and deter burglars.

The sunshade can be easily controlled with a remote control, wall switch or your smartphone via an app (iPhone, Android, etc). They can even be integrated into the pergola roof. For example, in the case of a louvred aluminium pergola with a roof, you can close the tilting louvres to block out rainwater when it is raining.

Other solutions for a pergola include sun sails or awnings, which can also be retracted when you want to let the sunlight in and shield you and your family from the harsh UV rays of the sun. But these are often more expensive than a pergola with a built-in roller shutter, so it’s worth considering whether they’re the right option for your home.

If you’re looking for a good value solution, then we recommend checking out this model from New England Arbors. It’s a beautiful red cedar pergola that’s sturdy, affordable and comes with 1 year warranty on the wood and 5 on the structure itself. It also has a unique slatted design that adds a lot to the visual appearance.