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Infrared Microphone System

Infrared Microphone System

An infrared microphone system is a great way to get better audio in a room. The technology behind these devices is very advanced, and allows them to be used in a variety of settings. There are many different types of infrared microphones. These include the Redmike VC version, TOA Electronics IR-700D, Nady Systems IRW-220X, and the Azden IR-310M.

Redmike VC version

The Redmike VC version of an infrared microphone system combines a hand-held classroom microphone with a rechargeable battery. The system is designed to work with either AA alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries. The microphones are rechargeable with the included cradle charger that has two charging slots. The HM-70 is also rechargeable using an external cable.

The Redmike VC version of an infrared microphone system features a two-button volume control that raises or lowers the output by 2dB with each push of the volume control button. It also has an auxiliary audio input. The receiver is a tabletop device with two IR sensors on its side and features two stereo audio inputs via RCA and 1/8in mini jacks. It also has a 20W amplifier and a 20Hz to 13kHz frequency response.

For classroom use, the IR-801AF is an audio interface unit that connects to an IR-802T wireless tuner. It can be used in two different classrooms, eliminating the need for intercom equipment. This hands-free infrared microphone system features a battery life of eight hours, which is more than enough for most classroom settings.

The Redmike VC comes with a two-channel receiver and handheld mic/transmitter. The receiver’s stereo line-level inputs can be used for videocameras or CD/DVD players. The receiver’s preamp level output can also feed video cameras. The IR receiver’s main output can power up to four included wall, ceiling, and in-ceiling loudspeakers. Each speaker delivers up to 5W of audio.

TOA Electronics IR-700D

An infrared microphone is an easy and convenient way to communicate wirelessly. Unlike conventional microphones, infrared rays are invisible to the human eye. They are also remarkably protected against outdoor listening. The TOA IR-700D comes with a built-in microphone and two independent levels of infrared light emission.

This infrared microphone system incorporates multiple features for efficient classroom communication. Its hands-free design eliminates eavesdropping and interference issues, and allows simultaneous use in adjacent classrooms. It operates on two selectable IR frequencies, and can also work with two transmitters at the same time. The IR-700D is also compatible with the TOA IR-702T Infrared Wireless Tuner. The system features a rechargeable AA Ni-MH battery and is designed for uninterrupted operation up to 8 hours.

Before using your Toa Electronics IR-700D InfraRed Microphone System, make sure you read and understand its user manual. It contains instructions for safety and recommended use. Moreover, if you do not follow the instructions, you could end up causing damage to your property and exposing the company to liability.

Nady Systems IRW-220X

This infrared microphone system features two different types of pickups. One of the types is sensitive to high-frequency sounds, which is ideal for use in a studio. The other type has a low-frequency pickup, which is better suited for recording speech and other delicate sounds. Both types have different operating modes and require different setup.

The IRW-220X is a dual channel wireless receiver and comes with an IRW-1S infrared sensor. It can also be powered by alkaline or rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries. It comes with a charging station that can charge up to two microphones simultaneously.

The IRW-220X comes with a receiver, a transmitter, and two microphones. The transmitter and receiver each include a dual-channel infrared receiver, an infrared sensor, and a RCA to 1/4″ audio cable. In addition, the receiver also has a volume control and an LED power indicator.

The IRW-220X InfrareD Microphone System is suitable for studios and recording applications. The microphone is able to detect a wide range of distances and can be used in interviews and other recorded media. It is compatible with digital cameras, camcorders, tablets, and smartphones. It is also compatible with headset monitoring and has a 90-meter working distance. The microphone also has an automatic frequency-search and infrared frequency linking function.

This system is equipped with an AL-Dock unit that is table or wall-mounted. The microphones are powered by two AA alkaline batteries and operate for up to 6-8 hours.

Azden IR-310M

Developed for classrooms, the IR-310M Infrared Wireless Microphone System is lightweight, hands-free, and powerful enough to handle a variety of speaking situations. Its dual-channel design eliminates interface issues and eavesdropping concerns, and allows simultaneous use in adjacent classrooms. It operates on two selectable IR frequencies and is powered by rechargeable AA Ni-MH batteries. An optional IR-200BT-2 battery pack provides up to eight hours of continuous operation.


The TOA IR-700T Infra-Red Wireless Microphone System is a versatile system with a range of features. The system includes a two-channel IR Tuner, an IR-200M Hand-Held Transmitter, an IR-300M Body-Pack Microphone with External Mic Input, and three IR remote receivers. The system includes rechargeable NiMH batteries and a charging station for the transmitters.

TOA is a global leader in the professional and commercial sound industry. Their products are used for a variety of applications, including commercial audio, voice evacuation, and emergency paging. These systems feature flexible mounting options and are available in a range of price points and styles.

These systems are compatible with the majority of wireless microphones. They use a VHF or UHF radio frequency for transmitting and receiving, eliminating dead spots caused by phase cancellation and effects caused by radio waves reflecting off surfaces. They also have a large number of frequency-synthesized channels, allowing the simultaneous use of several microphones.

To use this technology, you must obtain a license from the FCC. The license allows you to operate your wireless microphone in specified spectrum bands. These bands were previously used for television channels 38-51. You may have to migrate to other portions of these bands to make the system legal to use.


The TOA IR-200M InfraRed Microphone System is an excellent choice for professionals who need to record high-quality audio in a wide variety of settings. The IR-200M features a cardioid condenser capsule, a wide frequency response, and two selectable channels. The unit also features adjustable infrared light emission for optimal signal sensitivity.

The IR-200M is a wireless, handheld infrared microphone that is ideal for classrooms and conference rooms. Because it uses a frequency band that is non-interfering, it can be used simultaneously in adjacent classrooms or conference rooms. The system also has a rechargeable AA Ni-MH battery that provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation.