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Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine


ASR Industries is one of the leading Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine Manufacturers in India. The machine is specifically designed for fabricating various kinds of metal decks used in the flooring industry. It is capable of converting flat sheets into any shape or customized size. Therefore, it is ideal for high-volume production of metal flooring components.

LMS Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

LMS Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine is a cost-effective, high-quality machine suitable for forming steel floor decks. Its design is based on COPRA software and the rollers are hard chrome plated. It is suitable for large-scale production of steel floor decks. It is equipped with a PLC and electrical accessories of famous brands. Its three-step process includes hydraulic decoiling, roll forming and hydraulic cutting off.

The machine includes uncoiler, guiding equipment for coil sheets, roll forming system, and post-cutting equipment. It forms corrugated profiles with excellent adhesion to concrete, and is an ideal choice for high-rise buildings. The machine is economical and has a stable forming stand. It also has a low power consumption.

The machine also produces steel floor decking, which is widely used for building floors and roofs. It is high-quality and has uniform appearance, and is highly recyclable. Its versatility allows it to be applied in high-rise steel buildings, as it can reduce the floor load and steel cost.

HG series

The HG series floor-decking-roll forming machine is a high-performance equipment suitable for steel construction. Its simple design and high strands and ribs help make construction easier and faster. In addition, its lower power consumption and user-friendly operation make it a cost-effective and portable machine.

The HG series floor-decking-roll forming machine is one of the newest models on the market. It is a high-performance piece of flooring production equipment that is computer-designed to achieve maximum efficiency and flexibility. It forms different shapes and sizes of metal deck panels and is compatible with other types of metal deck roll forming machines.

HG series floor-decking-roll forming machine features a large capacity and high-performance steel decking machine. It has PLC controls for simple operation. It can form structural decking up to three or four feet wide. It is an excellent choice for balconies, roof decks, and other outdoor structures.

Steel floor deck is an important structural component of buildings. Its tensile strength is high, and it reduces the amount of concrete required to cover a surface. Its low cost and high strength makes it an excellent choice for industrial applications, and it is also easy to use.

The closed type floor-decking-roll-forming machine is a versatile machine that produces high-quality steel floor panels. It is widely used in light steel frame buildings. Its ease of installation and ease of use make it an ideal floor-decking tool. Its six major parts include the steel roller, decoiler, hydraulic station, cutting parts, and electronic control system. In addition, it is portable, allowing the operator to use it on a construction site or in the field.

The HG series floor-decking-roll forming machine is an extremely versatile machine that can adapt to virtually any building surface paneling job. It can even save up to one-third of the concrete required for building projects. Additionally, it has high-wave strength and automation, which make it ideal for commercial and residential structures.

A self-aligning double taper lock bearing system with adjustable preload ensures optimum performance. It also reduces maintenance. The chain drive also offers positive engagement and reliability. The friction drive rolls also help the rollformer operate at optimum level. They automatically adjust according to the speed of the sheet. A high-quality polyurethane wheel system keeps the wheels in top shape.

The multi-size cable tray roll-forming machine features an automatic production process. It can produce various sizes of cable trays, ranging from 1.2-2mm. It also has a convenient electrical control panel that helps you set various sizes. It can produce fixed-length, adjustable-length, and modular cable trays.

LS series

The LS series floor-decking-roll forming machine is a powerful and automated tool for the production of floor decking. Available in two models, it features robust design, high automation, and strands. Moreover, it can process various flooring specifications with ease, while reducing construction time by up to one third.

It features a dovetail profile. Its high structural performance and excellent cost-performance ratio make it an excellent choice for mid-rise buildings and high-rise residential buildings. It also has the ability to produce varying sizes of cable trays. The machine can automatically adjust width and height and form both adjustable and fixed cable trays.

The LS series floor-decking-roll forming machine is suitable for various types of steel decking. The floor beams can be controlled to create camber. This feature counteracts deflection due to wet concrete loading and increases the ultimate load capacity of the section.

A typical operation of a shaping roll is illustrated in FIGS. 2-5. It is similar to the operation of the forming rolls F3 and F4. The top roll, side roll, and bottom roll are all supported on roll stands. The driveshafts of these rolls rotate the forming rolls.

The LS series floor-decking-roll forming machine comprises a plurality of stations for sequentially deforming a metal strip. The strip may be further deformed to create a cross-sectional profile of substantially W shape, such as in FIGS. 29-35. Other cross-sectional profiles can also be used.