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Elevator Inverter Market Research Report

This report presents an in-depth analysis of the global Elevator Inverter Market. The study offers a complete picture of the market’s past and present status and provides forecasts of its future growth. Its comprehensive information is presented in an easy-to-read format. The report includes the competitive landscape, key market players, and other relevant information.


The YASKAWA L1000A elevator servo inverter offers a comprehensive range of features to enhance the functionality of elevators. It features optimised torque ripple suppression, feed forward function, acceleration and deceleration compensation, and an adjustable S-curve setting. It can be operated by using either a 48 or 96 VDC battery or a single-phase 230 V UPS. The L1000A’s robust design can withstand up to 10 years of continuous use.

The YASKAWA L1000A is a specialized lift inverter drive that can run induction machines or permanent magnet motors. It also offers advanced control functions, and can be configured and installed in a matter of minutes. It also features automatic motor and encoder tuning. The automatic tuning function prevents the operator from having to disconnect the ropes from the machine.


The YASKAWA AS320 elevator inverer is designed to optimize energy efficiency. It uses an innovative load sensorless start compensation technology to ensure smooth elevator operation. It also features a synchronous motor with incremental ABZ encoder. The new type PWM inverter also minimizes noise and dead time. The inverter also incorporates a regenerative converter that contributes to energy saving by returning regenerated energy to the power supply.


The Yaskawa L2000A elevator inverter offers several advantages over its predecessor. It is equipped with Open-Loop-Vector functionality. It also comes with PM motors without feedback. The L2000A also meets EMC standards and is compliant with various regulations. It is available in two different versions, a single and a dual version.


The YASKAWA L3000A is a high-performance elevator inverter that delivers smooth operation and lower harmonics. The new model is available in multi-language units. Moreover, it uses standard components and does not require oversizing. In addition, it is compliant with EMC and EN81 standards.

Yaskawa has a comprehensive product line that includes elevator drives, escalator drives, and residential drives. Yaskawa elevator inverter PC software is available for uploading, commissioning, and troubleshooting. It also includes a dedicated keypad interface and dedicated programming. It is compatible with both induction and permanent magnet motors.


The Yaskawa L4000A elevator inverter is a high-performance, high-speed elevator inverter. It has Open-Loop-Vector functionality and is available with or without feedback from the PM motor. This inverter is suitable for both commercial and residential elevator applications.


The Yaskawa L4000B elevator inverter is one of the most popular elevator inverters in the world. This model has several advantages over other models. First, it uses standard components that don’t require oversizing. Second, it meets the latest regulations and energy saving standards. Finally, it offers many useful features, such as software for commissioning and troubleshooting.


The YASKAWA L4000C is a highly flexible elevator inverter that can be used in many different types of elevators. It features a slim design that can be installed between the hoistway wall and elevator cage. It also has a regenerative converter, which contributes to energy savings by returning unused energy back to the power supply. It is suitable for high-rise buildings, providing a comfortable ride and a high degree of safety.


Yaskawa has a wide variety of products to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. Its products include elevators, escalators, residential elevators, escalator solutions, and escalator drives. These products provide smooth operation, high speeds, and low harmonics while also meeting energy-saving requirements.


The Yaskawa L4000E elevator inverter has several advantages. For one thing, it’s highly reliable, requiring only small adjustments for maximum reliability. Its high-speed, low-harmonic PM motor offers smooth and quiet operation. What’s more, it’s fully compliant with EN81 and EN2015-2 EMC standards.