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Infrared Microphone System

Infrared Microphone System

An Infrared Microphone System uses IR, or infrared light, to capture sound. However, IR is an invisible light, so it requires a line-of-sight to work properly. Luckily, the CRS-101 system has ultra-high output IR circuitry, which means that IR pulses can bounce off of various surfaces. The system is also simple to install and operate, with the exception of having to recharge the microphone batteries before use.


The SpectraPulse Infra-Red Microphone System from Audio-Technica uses the latest in ultra-wideband technology to transmit audio. This technology allows for the transmission of audio over a wide range of frequencies, even in congested areas. In addition to providing clear audio, it also eliminates common set-up and operational issues associated with conventional wireless systems. The system is capable of supporting up to 14 simultaneous channels of audio, making it ideal for any recording environment. It also boasts a high level of security, with optional encryption package that complies with the NIST-approved AES encryption standard.

The SpectraPulse Infra-Red Microphone System includes two components: a mtu101 Microphone Transmitter Unit and a drm141 Digital Receiver Module. These components operate over a shielded CAT5 cable. The unit is also connected to an aci707 Charging/Encryption Interface, which allows you to charge seven mtu101 boundary microphone transmitters and 14 AA NiMH batteries.

The SpectraPulse Infra-Red Microphone System is easy to install and operate. All that is required is the Digital Receiver Module (DRM), which connects to a rack, the Audio Control Interface (ACI707), and Microphone Transmitter Units (MTU101). The system requires no frequency scanning or channel planning, and is compatible with most audio systems.

The IRCS-60 IR Conference System offers flexibility in setup and operation. Dual-channel wireless microphone units allow you to cover a larger area. Each unit uses two “AA” batteries, which are rechargeable. The system is compatible with all Azden infrared microphones.

This infrared microphone system is designed for classroom use. It features a dual-channel receiver, enabling two wireless microphones to be used simultaneously. It also includes a handheld microphone, which students can pass around. Additionally, the receiver has two stereo auxiliary inputs, which can be used to connect other line-level devices.


The REDMIKE Infrared Microphone System has been designed to allow for easy microphone placement and is compatible with a variety of recording equipment. The system includes a volume control microphone, a share microphone, and a light mic. It also features a PS-24V-250 power supply and an AC-805 microphone preamp. You can also choose between two different microphone options.

The REDMIKE infrared microphone is the smallest in the industry and weighs only 2.1 ounces. Its IR frequency response range is 20Hz to 13kHz and features two buttons for volume control. It also has an auxiliary audio input.

The REDMIKE HM-70 handheld microphone and LT-71 LightMic pendant can be used with the system. Both use AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiMH batteries. The Redmike Share cradle charger includes a power supply and can charge two Redmikes in a cradle at once. The HM-70 is also rechargeable using an external cable.

The REDMIKE Infrared Microphone System has two modes of operation: the transmitter and receiver. Each of them uses two AA alkaline batteries. They are powered by a power supply, which provides six to eight hours of operation. The REDCAT system is also portable, making it ideal for last-minute social events, classrooms, and other applications.

Nady Systems

Nady Systems infrared microphone systems are among the top-rated wireless microphone systems available on the market today. These microphones operate on VHF or UHF radio frequencies, which eliminate dead spots due to phase cancellation and effects caused by radio waves reflecting off surfaces. They feature a companding technique to increase the quality of sound, which was invented by John Nady in 1976.

The Nady Systems IRW-1PA LT/U wireless microphone system comes with a dual-channel infrared receiver. It also has two headworn microphones with infrared sensors. This system also includes an RCA to 1/4″ audio cable. The IR receiver is powered by four AA batteries. The transmitter is powered by a separate power source.

Nady Systems also offers an IR transmitter, which allows users to monitor audio from far away. It has a frequency range of 500 feet. The transmitter is compatible with a variety of wireless systems, including infrared, wireless, and VHF. The company’s products serve the education, music, and worship markets.

The IR sender sends the VOLUME level and CHANNEL information to the transmitter. It also displays the RF signal strength meter and the A/B diversity antenna status. This system also comes with unbalanced 1/4″ line level audio output jacks and a mute control.

The SCM-700 8-piece Condenser Microphone Recording Kit is ideal for voice-over, podcasting, and recording on smartphones. This microphone features an extended frequency response and a high-performance, gold-sputtered diaphragm. This microphone is also designed to be compatible with a wide range of professional mixers.

TOA Electronics

The TOA Electronics Infrared Microphonic System uses infrared technology to transmit sound without RF interference. The system includes a two-channel IR tuner, the IR-200M Hand-Held IR Microphone Transmitter, and the IR-300M Body-Pack Microphone with External Mic Input. It also comes with three IR remote receivers and rechargeable NiMH batteries.

The IR-310M hands-free infrared wireless microphone eliminates interface problems and eavesdropping with its dual-emitter design. It also features two selectable IR frequencies for optimal signal sensitivity. The IR-200BT-2 features a battery life of up to 8 hours.


The AL-Dock for Infrared Mic System includes a microphone, receiver, and battery. The microphone has a battery indicator LED that changes color when the battery level is low. The light turns green for normal battery operation and orange when the battery is depleted. The microphone is portable, and it can be operated with a single AA dry element battery for up to 6 hours.

This charging dock for the AL-Dock for Infrared Mic System is table or wall-mounted. The dock holds two AL-PH microphones and four AA rechargeable batteries. It also comes with two AL-IRDS dome sensors and a ten-meter cable terminating in F connectors.

When the transmitter and receiver are connected via IR sync, the transmitter and receiver automatically adjust to the same frequency. To sync, the transmitter must be turned on to keep the IR ports aligned. This will automatically tune the receiver to the best channel. During the sync process, the transmitter will also perform a group scan. This will show the groups with the most available frequencies. After completing the scan, the transmitter will deploy the assigned frequencies to each receiver’s channels.

The AL-Dock for Infrared Mic System is compatible with most brands of microphones. It can be used in remote sessions where a physician can view the patient without being in the room. It can be connected to a videoconferencing system using the remote device.