What are water glass casting and its benefits?

What is Water Glass Casting?

Water glass casting is likewise referred to as sodium silicate casting. Its casting method could be very much like funding casting (this is the misplaced wax funding casting method). It is a generation that makes use of water glass because the binder for the shell to cast. The method presents a much-advanced floor end and dimensional precision to that carried out thru sand casting. And greater complicated shapes may be carried out.

Benefits of water glass casting:

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To summarize, the water glass method Benefits:

  1. Superior floor end than sand casting.
  2. Greater dimensional precision than sand casting.
  3. Achieve greater complicated elements.
  4. Suited to large elements than the conventional funding casting method.
  5. Cheaper than funding casting.
  6. Short Lead time than funding casting.
  7. Greater preference for metals.
  8. Environmental blessings. (the wax is recyclable.)

Why can we select Water Glass Casting?

Water glass casting is seldom in different countries. But in China it’s far greater, approximately 75% of foundries attention their enterprise on water glass casting. So what’s water glass casting?

The water glass casting method became delivered to China withinside the mid of 1950s. It isn’t like the ethyl silicate binder funding casting method. Due to the blessings of fabric fees and a brief manufacturing cycle. The water glass casting became quickly carried out in civil equipment production. With the quick improvement of the water glass casting method in China for greater than 70 years. Its manufacturing scale and alertness discipline have ended up in the mainstream funding casting industry.

By including 0.5% penetrant, the floor nice of water glass casting is significantly progressed. The floor end may even be akin to the silica sol casting generation. It can keep away defects resulting from conventional shell-making generation. At the identical time, the operating surroundings are progressed obviously.

Besides, the method parameters and operation necessities aren’t so complex and strict. The preferred people are to be had to function shortly. This decreased the lack of professional people. And the brand new people also are workable, which stabilized the ordinary manufacturing performance of the factory. Regarding costs, the shell-making fabric fee isn’t delivered as compared with the conventional hardening method. This method reduced the weld restore processing significantly. Improving the product charge shortens. And hence lessening the manufacturing fee and manufacturing performance.

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