Features of the sunshade for the balcony

When the sun is strong, even if you open the window, the sun will shine, and it will be hot inside the house. A balcony blind that blocks strong sunlight entering the room from the balcony is called a balcony blind, and by installing it behind a window or sliding door, it tries to block direct strong sunlight in summer.

The main purpose is to “insert it in a room to block sunlight”, and this synergistic effect “promises to moderate the temperature in the room and make you feel comfortable”. In addition, there are advantages such as “Because the room is shaded, the temperature of the cooler is low, and the cooling costs can be reduced.”

What are the benefits of sunshade?

Softens the sun’s rays (also prevents heat stroke)

Children and the elderly are sick and cannot be cared for alone. Sunshades are a more important tool than you think to avoid heat stroke in this type of home.

Lower the room temperature (energy saving measures are ideal)

The sunshade cools the room temperature by blocking the sun’s rays coming through the windows. Therefore, the effect of air conditioning is improved and energy-saving measures can be taken without lowering the refrigerant temperature too much.

Prevents soil fires (floor maintenance)

There are so many UV rays in the sun that affect the face and body that it is necessary to use sunscreen. Similarly, there is the fact that ultraviolet light burns the floor and discolors it.

UV protection (to prevent sunburn)

It is the same as “floor burn prevention”, but it has the effect of preventing the burning of the floor and ultraviolet rays from the human body.

It is also known to cause skin cancer and is considered harmful to the eyes, so it is not safe to stay in a room with strong sunlight.

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